The reservation is confirmed once a 10-percentage advance on the agreed price has been paid. In the event that we have to cancel the event owing to unfavourable weather conditions, the advance will be refunded.

Reservation cancellation charges:
• If the client cancels the reservation more than 14 days before the agreed date, the entire advance will be refunded;
• If the client cancels the reservation from 14 days to 72 hours before the agreed date, we will charge them 50 percent of the agreed price;
• If the client cancels the reservation less than 72 hours before the agreed date, we will charge them 100 percent of the agreed price.
The agreed price has to be paid at least 72 hours before the event, unless agreed otherwise.
We have to be informed about any changes (the number of passengers, the menu, etc.) 72 hours before the event at the latest. When reaching a final agreement, we will take into account all feasible options.

The prices published on our website are valid for groups consisting of a minimum of 20 passengers. If your group is smaller, we will prepare a special offer for you.

The prices are expressed in the net amount and do not include VAT (we are not liable for VAT).

We will issue an invoice for the service provided.

Bathing, paddleboarding, dancing on board the boat, sightseeing during stops and all other activities conducted on board the boat or during stops are the responsibility of individual passengers.

Because our guiding principle is “safety first”, we may cancel an event in case of unfavourable weather conditions that could endanger the safety of passengers and/or the crew.

The organizer of the event that will be conducted on our boat needs to inform all participants of the above-mentioned rules and information.